Update 1.2 of Silver Cube Theme 4 GO launcher EX

Update 1.2 of Silver Cube Theme 4 GO launcher EX is now available on Google Play. We added over 40 new Silver Cube Icons. Altogether there are now over 500 Silver Cube Icons in this theme. We fixed some icons that are no longer changed automatically and adjusted the look of our theme for the new version of Go LauncherEx. That means we have added new icons, changed the color of the memory bar and fixed some bugs.

Have fun with our theme.
Greeting White Eye Design


  1. Super thanks for this update. I noticed that there are some that still didn't automatically change even if there's an icon for them (eg. Calendar, Contacts, Phone, TweetCaster Pro, GetGlue, Comics by Comixology, ComicRack, OfficeSuite etc.)

    For the next update, I would like to request for some more icons, if possible (eg. iTriage, Dark Horse Comics, Shopulator, IO Shopping List, Viber, Folder Organizer etc.)

    Here are some screen shots so you can, more or less see which ones you might update soon.

    Thank you very much.. and with this update. I will buy the Cube Theme 4 for sure.


  2. We do our best to make our themes compatible for each device. Unfortunately, we do not always have the appropriate code so that all the cubes will change automatically. A big help is this little app:


    This sends snippets (Name of the app activity to start the app) of code to a website that we need to change the cubes. No personal data is transferred. Especially for the standard apps (Contacts, Calendar, ect.) this app is great. Thanks to Jon F Hancock, the developer.

    It would be nice if you could install this Android app. Thus we would get the missing activity code of the apps on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.


  3. Cool! I installed it. Thanks a lot. =)